Acne, Laser Treatment And A 6 Month Hiatus

The manufacturers who promise quick fixes and fast and miraculous cures for acne have been setting up acne sufferers and their families for a big let down. In an unholy bid to capture a major segment of the acne market, manufacturers have taken leave of their sacred responsibility.

Promising the acne-suffering, buying public overnight relief, the manufacturers have sold the public a whammy. They have polluted the atmosphere with the false expectation that acne will be dealt with quickly by their miracle-cure drugs. Nothing has been farther from the truth. The public truly feel let down.

Along comes the laser manufacturer, extolling the superior virtues of laser treatment. This treatment is such, that when the acne sufferer rises from the hospital workbench, he is practically told… “take up thy bed and walk, my laser has made thee whole.”

Acne and its remnant scars have all but disappeared. Two or three more miracle laser treatments and acne is a defeated foe. Sadly, the acne sufferer has once again been sold another whammy.

Let us take a minute and see what acne and the miracle laser treatment have to do with a 6 month hiatus.

The First Appearance Of Acne

The first time acne appears it is telling you something. It is saying that there is an internal problem. The underlying cause of acne is always an internal one.

Since you are what you eat, you need to consider your diet. Is it greasy fast foods? Rotten dead meat? Remember, as soon as you kill an animal for food its flesh begins to rot!

What is it that has caused acne to surface? Topical surface treatments really adopt the band-aid approach. This approach is not entirely wrong. When people are in the throes of a painful acne attack, they need relief. These topical treatments provide that relief. However, they are not a cure.

The Miracle Of Laser Treatment

Recently, a leading dermatologist said this, “I believe that laser-based applications for acne will one day become the preferred treatment option for acne patients, many of which are dissatisfied with topical and systemic treatments and are wary of their risks and side effects,”

This doctor went on to explain that after laser treatment for acne, a marked reduction in acne lesions often occurs within a couple of treatment sessions, and a series of treatments should result in “acne clearance for more than six months.” The good doctor is talking about a six-month hiatus for acne, not a cure.

It is imperative that we refocus on the underlying reason for the flare-up of acne in the first place. Chasing symptoms is only designed to line the pockets of a select few. Curing acne for 6 months is not an acceptable outcome.

Consultation with your family and at least two doctors is definitely the way to go before any decisions are made. Do not glibly accept the words of a doctor just because he is a doctor. At the end of the day, it still is your body.

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