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Sick and tired of looking into the mirror each and every day and seeing the same ugly spots and blemishes? Annoyed that you can’t go out into public without people staring at you? Frustrated that it’s hard for you to find a girlfriend / boyfriend? Maybe your one of 85% of people who suffer from acne between the ages of 12 and 25. Well it’s about time you did something about it.

Just follow these simple tips each and every day, and I guarantee you’ll see an improvement, even if it’s only a slight improvement – you would of made progress.

Tip #1: Don’t press or pick your pimples, this may cause a nasty infection, and will definitely make things worse. And if you press down on a pimple, it pushes the sebum further in your skin cause it to spread.

Tip #2: Avoid touching your face, do you know how much bacteria are on your fingers? Fingers are very oily and can spread the acne, which results in worser acne. Don’t touch your face. Period.

Tip #3: Try dandelion root, it works to improve general health and clear skin. The root and leaf act improve the way the kidney cleanse the blood and recycle nutrients.

Tip #4: Wash your face twice a day, if you aren’t already. Go steady though, as washing with regular soap only removes oil from the surface of the face, and does not remove the oil from blocked pores. To remove the oil from blocked pores use an anti-bacterial face wash containing salicylic acid.

Now you have the information, there are no reasons why you can’t help get rid of acne starting from today. Even if it doesn’t make a big difference, it’ll still make a small difference. Just remember; every little helps!

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