The Many Benefits Of Acne Blue Light Treatments

Light therapy and more specifically, acne blue light treatments, have proven to be very successful in treating mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

Light therapy is not a new idea. The effects of color on the human body in relation to health and happiness have long been researched.

Documentation regarding the healing properties of color date as far back as 1876 when Augustus Pleasanton published his theory “Blue and Sun-lights”. He believed that colored light was effective in treating pain and disease. He was right.

In 1878, Edwin Babbit corroborated Pleasanton’s theory when he published “The Principles of Light and Color”. Babbit took the theory of color to new levels. He identified the color red as a stimulant of blood and nerves prescribing it’s use for the treatment of such conditions as rheumatism, exhaustion and paralysis. Blues and violets, Babbit believed to have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties which he prescribed for treating meningitis, headaches and sunstroke.

Today, new clinical studies have shown remarkable results in acne patients who participated in blue and red light treatments. Why? Without getting too clinical, the blue light destroys P.acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne inflammation. The red light causes the skin to heal up to 200 percent faster.

This is terrific news for acne sufferers in search of an effective home treatment for acne. In spite of the wide range of topical and oral acne treatments available today, many people either do not respond to them or they develop side-effects. Acne light therapy or chromotherapy is the answer to the growing demand for a safe, natural, holistic approach to acne treatment.

Acne light therapy is a safe, completely natural method of treatment that you can do on your own, in the privacy of your own home. Simply set up blue and red lamps and ‘bathe’ in the light just as you would in a tanning booth. You can use both colored lamps at the same time and it only requires 15 minutes each day.

With the acne blue light treatments the bacteria causing your inflammation will self-destruct and the red light will cause lesions to heal as much as 200 percent faster than normal. The principle is very similar to the idea that sunlight improves acne, and it does, but harmful UV rays also cause premature aging and skin cancer. Light therapy is UV free and completely safe.

Consider the benefits:

  • Completely natural and affordable
  • No drugs and no side-effects
  • Safe and painless for all ages
  • Requires only 15 minutes each day
  • You can treat your whole body by yourself

People who suffer from back acne may benefit immensely from light therapy. The back cannot be easily reached to apply topical treatments and some people are too embarrassed to ask for help. Light therapy eliminates this dilemma.Chromotherapy is a fast growing natural health alternative based on the importance and use of color for human health and happiness. As an effective acne treatment, it is safe, it is natural and – it works!

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