3 Easy Steps to Slow Your Aging and Avoid Being a Sicko Statistic

The movie Sicko has opened awareness to the difficulties baby-boomers might face with their health. This distress can be a call to action to be more proactive about successful aging. As a former cancer research professional working with human calls I can vouch for the resiliency of well fed cells. However, human cells will get sickly if their specific food requirements are altered by rhythm or nutrients.

The haphazard eating habits and reliance on fast food stripped of nutrients can result in the diseases that now plague aging Americans. This has caused insurance companies to throw in the towel, in the face of “preexisting conditions” leaving sick people without medical health solutions. After the battle field clears we will still be faced with the responsibility to take care of our aging.

Here are 3 very effective things you can do to slow your aging.

1. Choose fruits and vegetables that have natural enzymes that seriously aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. This slows aging. To get full enzymes activity from fruit, they should be eaten fresh. Consider cherries but not cherry pie; make a strawberry smoothie or salad but serve the strawberry ice cream to the grand kids. Vitamin C is important in keeping an aging immune system alert. Eat vitamin C from fresh citrus instead of supplements or sugary juice drinks. Make it easy on your cells to act for you…

2. Choose a variety of yellow, orange, red and green vegetables everyday. Eat yourself younger with vegetables that have antioxidants that support aging organ systems like your heart, kidneys and lungs. You don’t have to remember a string of strange antioxidants. The color of vegetables indicates the type of antioxidant they carry. Some vegetables like tomatoes release more of their antioxidants when they are cooked. So we are not talking a raw food diet here.

3. Drastically decrease your sugar servings and increase your fiber from whole grains, beans and peas. This is called lowering your glycemic load. Glycemic is a word associated with blood sugar. Thus, you should lower the amount of food you eat that contains sugar or turns into sugar quickly after being eaten. Everyday foods that release sugar quickly include white potatoes, bread with less than 3gms or more of fiber, crackers, and doughnuts and most processed boxed breakfast cereals with less than 7gm. of fiber. Read Labels and find out more from The Glucose Revolution by Jennie Brand-Miller et al.

Eat often. Seriously adjust your portion size to accommodate your age, digestive and absorption level. If you are gaining weight as you age all you might have to do is adjust your portion size. Eat small meals and nutritious snacks everyday and you are on your way out of the Sicko Zone.

Celia Westberry is an author, speaker and wellness lifestyle coach. She helps clients to reprogram their minds and bodies to have a personal relationship with food to be happier, healthier and more contented.

Her book Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly – the easy way to slow aging, feel, great and look good has glycemic ready recipes to help you Start Over with healthy eating.

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