Ahh – Less Hair = Longer Life?

In recent experiments, lab rats with their hair removed since birth, lived 7 times longer and 80% healthier than lab rats with hair. It was proven that the energy a rat body requires to grow hair could be channeled into their immune system and natural cell reproduction for a longer healthier cleaner life — without body hair.

This concept isn’t new, every apple farmer in the world knows that you must cut off all the new branches each year called “Suckers” or they’ll “suck” all the energy from the apple producing branches — Its common sense that the same principal applies to all living beings and is one of the leading arguments of why Japanese, who have very little body hair, live longer than the “hairy foreigners”, as the Japanese like to say.

In theory, if your body doesn’t have to produce body hair, then all that extra energy can be used elsewhere. Everyday, 24 hours a day, a human body produces hair and it never stops until the day you die unless, you do what the mice did, and get all your hair permanently removed from your body – at least all the hair no one sees. Get rid of your body hair and perhaps you’ll have a better longer life, no one knows for sure if this will have any significant affect on humans at all, but it can’t hurt to try for those of us searching for healthier longer lives.

If you want to do some self-testing instead of waiting another 20 years to find out what the affect is on humans if any — find a skin clinic near you and get started. Every big city in the world now has skin clinics that provide Laser hair Removal for men and women. It isn’t cheap and it might take up to 3 times to get the most stubborn hairs. Its completely safe and FDA approved HOWEVER at this point in testing, hair removal affecting human longevity has no evidence to back it up — We’ll let you know in 20 years.

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