Why Would a 95-Year Old Woman Want a Facial?

In celebration of her 90th birthday, Emma thought that she would do something she had never done before – get a facial. Upon arrival for her appointment, Emma explained that her family was having a big bash for her and she wanted to look her best. She pointed out that although she couldn’t see them, she could feel pesky hairs on her face as well as wrinkles. Mostly, she confessed, she wanted to see what all the fuss was about – after all, she knew how to wash her own face, she’d been doing it for years!!

Emma had her face cleansed and all those pesky hairs she was feeling removed. To soften the wrinkles a masque was applied. Emma complained of arthritis in her hands and feet so they were thoroughly but gently massaged and then placed in paraffin mitts and booties.

During the entire process, Emma talked about her life, her family and what ails her. She had someone caring for her and listening to her.

When all was done, Emma checked herself in the mirror. She felt the wrinkles were the same, the pesky hairs were gone. And, her hands and feet didn’t hurt. She thanked me for my time saying that I did a better face wash than she did and booked an appointment for the next month.

During the course of the next five years Emma has stopped driving. All of us at the spa have become involved with her. One of us picks her up and another takes her home. Hair nails and facials are all coordinated between those of us who care for her. So now, once a month, Emma has a spa day.

Emma says she comes to us because even though her wrinkles remain, hair is still thinning and gray, and the arthritis returns – we touch her, we listen to her, and we care about her.

Sometimes, it not as much about the service as the heart that goes in to it.

Tamara Boswell Petrucci is a licensed esthetician, certified Reiki practitioner and reflexologist. Her practice is in north Orange County, CA.. Her website is http://www.TamarasSkinCare.com

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