Cosmetic Dentists

A dentist is a practitioner trained in diagnosing, preventing and treating various ailments related to teeth and gums. Many undergo further specialization after the general dental course. A cosmetic dentist takes up a course in pursuit of the art and science of creating a beautiful smile.

Until recently, an individual could not hope for much by way of dental improvement other than cleaning and removing stains from the teeth a couple of times a year. However, the tremendous progress in the availability of dental materials and restorative techniques has enabled one to get a smile make-over. Now it is possible to have near-perfect teeth that do not stain and are almost as strong as the original teeth.

A cosmetic dentist can perform a number of procedures to improve the general countenance of the patient. To begin with, the patient is first given an idea of what the subtle changes or major repairs are likely to entail. Then the dentist elaborates on what the patient should expect in the course of the treatment, and emphasizes the procedures involved in the maintenance of the alterations.

Some of the common problems addressed by a cosmetic dentist include teeth that are missing, misshapen, discolored or chipped. The various treatments are to alter the shape or length of the teeth, bridge the gaps and polish or restore the worn or short teeth. The common methods adopted for these purposes may be bleaching, bonding, fixing caps and crowns, veneers, reshaping and contouring. It may not be entirely correct to state that these procedures are solely of cosmetic value. Many of them are also improve oral health, improve alignment of the teeth, and aid in proper closure of the mouth, proper biting and chewing the food.

A visit to the cosmetic dentist is an expensive affair, but the final results are always predictable and pleasing.

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