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Are you perplexed by trying to figure out what causes scalp dandruff?

So, you are trying to find out what causes dandruff? We have found more than on thing that could potentially cause Danduff. One of the things that can cause the annoying dandruff ailment is having very active producing oil glands. Worrying is another thing that can cause the annoying dandruff ailment. While searching online, we also discovered that heavy perspiration and even harsh shampoos can cause dandruff… unfortunately for the latter I have not been able to find any more info. to lend proof this.

Various and widespread are the reasons which have been given over the years regarding the potential reason of the dandruff ailment A lot of the myths that have been spread about dandruff are untrue. Dandruff is a problem in the united states and all over the world. The various reasons for dandruff are about as varied as the rumors themselves.

The Dandruff problem is caused because of a very small and tiny little fungus. This microscopic fungus organism is known as pityrosporum-ovle… I wish I knew how to pronounce that (LOL). This fungus is in really low quantities on normal healthy scalps. Whenever a person has Dandruff irritation there is a very large amount of pityrosporum-ovle in the scalp area. The organism feeds on the oily substance that is secreted by your hair follicles. This causes an botheration in the infected scalp area which in turn leads to a quicker cell turnover. This causes itching dandruff.

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