Skin Moisturizers – For A Glowing Face

If you want to maintain a glowing and fresh face, your skin must be consistently moisturized. It is only possible if the rate of humidity on the skin is stable. There are fewer chances of developing a wrinkled face if the skin is moisturized and hence you will always appear younger.

The water content from the body flows towards the upper crust of the skin through a process called “Tran epidermal water loss”. If the water content in the body is adequate then your skin is always likely to remain supple and fragile. But if the quantity of water present in your body is scarce, then your skin grows arid and weak, as it does not get the required moisture.

In order to keep your skin relatively moisturized you need to consume maximum liquids, like drinking at least 6 glass of water per day or eat enough of fruits and ripe vegetables that contain watery substances. The moisture that is formed neutralizes the excess oily or dry conditions in the body. Apart from that it is also important to cleanse the skin with water in order to moisturize the skin’s surface. Additional nourishment is required for older people.

Moisturizers are available in the market in various forms or mixtures such as vegetable glycerin, rose water, jojoba oil, vitamin E oils, sorbitol (derived from plants), honey, aloe vera, and iris. Aloe Vera and mineral oils are vital in opening the clogged pores in the skin and thereby reducing the extent of acne. They prevent the skin from drying due to the external factors like sun, wind, and climatic odds. Aloe Vera is widely used for skin irritations, cuts and abrasions caused, sunburns etc. Mineral oils remove the waste materials present in the skin.

As most of the moisturizers contain oily substances in them they often tend to remain on the skin after applying it. But the essentials oils have a fine molecular structure and they effectively penetrate to the inner parts of the skin. They have the property of getting instantly absorbed by the skin. The moisturizers should be mixed with accurate amount of base oil.

To the maximum extent 30 ml of base oils and 6 spoons of essentials oils should be mixed to make the right formation for the skin. If you have any doubts regarding the right usage, you can preferably refer to the manuals that are available in the market.

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