Your Hair Is Communicating What Is Yours Saying?

Stunning! Impressive! Wow! How did they do that? These are all statements that have come to mind when I analyze hairstyles I see on women while I’m out and about. Unfortunately, “She did that at home!” “What in the world?” and “No she didn’t!”
also come to mind when I see others.

Maybe it’s because I’m a stylist and that’s what I do. Maybe it’s because I’m a man and I key in on what I like. Maybe I shouldn’t care so much…but I do, and the truth is so
does everyone else! I’m just honest enough to share this information with you.

I know that it’s wrong, but…the same way people judge you by the way you speak, they judge you on how you carry yourself!

Your image is so important, that the best salespeople use it as a selling tool! But don’t take my word for it. Think about it! Remember that job you really wanted? You HAD to look your best for the interview…right?

Ever wonder why celebrities spend massive amounts of money on their appearance? It helps them “sell themselves”. From recording artists, to actors, to models to CEOs! As human beings we get the impression that because they have their appearance together they have their lives together as well.

On the flip side of the coin, when we see people that don’t seem to care about their appearance…we get the impression that they don’t really care about balance and organization and they are probably not “on top” of things.

Now I’m not saying these impressions are true, I am merely stating the impressions that we may get.

Let’s touch on the statements that various hairstyles make. When I see a woman with a casual look wearing highlights (professional and compliment her entire look) I tend to think of a professional. On the flip side of the coin styles like dreads that haven’t been taken care of, can seem intimidating, rebellious or threatening.

The way you wear your hair, from the messy “just got out of bed” look to extensions, to dreads, to braids to low/high top fades…your hair is saying something about you! Some people’s styles are inviting. Other people’s looks can be intimidating. Your style may be professional, and then again it may be casual. If you get nothing else from this information, take this with you. Your hair, and your style are nonverbal expression to others.

Your hair is communicating what is yours saying?

Dwayne Pressley is a licensed cosmetologist, hair care consultant, (found at []) public speaker and author of the internet’s scorching hot e-book on the subject of hair “What Your Hair stylist Doesn’t Want You To Know” for more information join the group and/or visit him at []

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