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Boxer shorts are a type of underwear that has gained popularity in recent years due to the comfort they offer to those who use them. These shorts have become a viable alternative to briefs, which have a tendency to be too tight for comfort. Boxer shorts come in different designs and in different fabrics; the most popular of which is cotton. This is because cotton offers a lot of comfort compared to other available fabrics on the market.


Cotton boxer shorts usually come with flies that make urinating easier. Some boxer shorts have metal clasps or buttons to secure the fly while others do not. Most cotton boxer shorts come in solid colors but others come in other designs, such as stripes and checkered patterns. There are even manufacturers that can let you personalize your boxer shorts with your own design.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most obvious advantages of boxer shorts is that when you need to urinate, you enjoy more convenience. Boxer shorts can also be worn as functional shorts when you?re at home. Boxer shorts do not focus too much on your groin area; they actually make sitting much more comfortable, compared to briefs. It has also been shown in surveys that women prefer seeing men in boxers rather than in briefs. The ease of wearing and taking off boxer shorts is also an added bonus of this type of underwear.

However, boxer shorts also have their disadvantages. Some of these include accidental exposure of your groin area due to the wide opening of the leg holes. Some also claim that wearing boxer shorts causes discomfort, specifically in the scrotal area, because the underwear provides minimal support.

Wearing cotton boxer shorts proves to be more suitable for some people, while others think otherwise. However, given the popularity of boxer shorts, especially in recent years, it can be expected that manufacturers of this type of underwear will think of ways to make more people choose boxers over briefs.

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