Cowboy Hat Prices

Cowboy hat prices depend on the quality of the hat. They are available in all range of prices. Now, the average price of cowboy hat ranges from $20 to $4000. The price depends on many factors.

Cowboy hat prices mainly depend on the material used for hat making. The traditional material used for hat making is felt, the fur of animals such as beaver, rabbit etc. The proportion of beaver fur vs. the rabbit fur in the felt, determines the cost of the felt. The standard of the hats are represented by X marking inside the crown of the hat. The cost of standard felt hat ranges from $70-$700. The 100% beaver fur hat price starts from $650. The 50% beaver fur hat is raffia available at $450. The recent rise in the cost of felt cowboy hats is due to scarcity of quality fur.

Economic cowboy hats are available in material such as straw, raffia etc. Straw hats are comparatively cheaper. Designer straw hats worth hundreds of dollars are also available. Palm leaf is another suitable material for the making of cowboy hats. They are durable and all-weather hats. The price varies with the quality of the straw and the weaving pattern. The lighter shapeable hats with better straw and tight weave are more popular. Its price starts from $20. Raffia hats are available from $5.99

Cowboy hat prices also depend on the ornamentation work done on the hats. Designer hats in striking colors with special studded jewels are more costly. The materials such as wool, lace, suede, cotton, satin, velour, leather etc are used for ornamenting the hats. The suede with attractive side chains costs around $50. The women?s cowboy hats feature variations in the crown shapes and brim sizes, which also reflects in the prices. Branded cowboy hats usually maintain high quality, which again results in higher prices. Stetson, Bailey, Shady Brady, Resistol, Billabong, Wrangler, Capelli etc are some of the famous brands.

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