Dance Tights

Among the widely worn tights that serve various purposes, dance tights are a major category. These tights are part of the costumes and practice wear worn by most dancers. Similar to other tights, dance tights are also skin-tight leg coverings that are worn by the performers from waist to feet.

Although tights were a common men’s wear during the Renaissance age, they have now turned into a common dress item for all age groups from infants to adults, both men and women. The only difference is that the purpose of each type of tights varies.

Dance tights are of different types including high gloss tights, shimmery tights, opaque firm fit tights, supplex tights and convertible tights. They are available in a wide range of blends as well as colors and sizes suited for all ages.

Dance tights are made of different materials including nylon, lycra, and cotton, but the ones made with a blend of cotton and lycra are the most durable, opaque and thick. These tights are stretchable and comfortable for the dancers to wear. Cotton-lycra dance tights have flat finishes and absorb perspiration.

Dance tights of different material have individual specialty such as nylon-lycra, which offers moderately shiny and stretchable tights, while stretch vinyl dance tights are extremely shiny, heavy and tight fitting. Tights made of micromesh are most often used for stage costumes. The dance tights made of luxury velvet are beautiful and soft to touch.

Dance apparel shops offer dance tights for children, girls, boys, teens, ladies, and men. The online dancewear shops provide a wide range of dance tights for both men and women.

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