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As the sun shines and the temperature increases one would prefer to lie on the beach. Women make sure that the bikinis that they are dressed in stand out for its design and most of them go in for designer bikinis.

Wearing a designer bikini would make one stand out in a crowd. There are designer bikinis available for both beachwear and pool side lounging. Designer swimwear is getting popular day by day. Designer swimwear includes bikinis, swim suits and sarongs.

Bikinis are available in different styles, colors and fabrics. The most popular and preferred prints are animal prints. They are preferred by people of all ages. A designer bikini can be paired with a matching sarong for that extra cool look. What a designer considers the foremost in his or her collection are the appealing colors and styles that are elegant and sexy.

A two-piece halter neck bikini with floral patterns on it adds to the femininity. The flowers are hand painted and makes for a pretty piece. Some bikinis come with jungle prints all over the suit. Some of these designer bikinis are priced high but there are moderately priced designer bikinis as well. Polka dotted bikinis that are teeny weeny fall in this category of the budget. There are also reversible bikinis in lovely colors that have boy swim trunks or a French bottom with a top that is either a halter or a camisole.

There are bikinis in all the seven colors of the rainbow. They are available in a variety of styles too. One can even get accessories to go with the bikini. Each piece is designed with extreme care for that uniqueness and there are accessories available to suit any style or color. For an ultra feminine look there are flirty designs available that are specially designed for the modern and confident woman who wants a different look. Some designers create bikinis to go with every season. They use bright and bold colors for summer and so on. Some women prefer metallic colors too. Some bikinis come with embellishment either in the form of embroidery or the use of stones, beads and crystals.

The designers create a fresh and exquisite collection combining the sleek look with comfort. Most of the celebrities swear by some designers for that elegant look.

The unique suits with their detailed designs have a personal touch on each piece. All these result in a wonderful collection that contains all the wonderful colors creating a feeling of comfort, sophistication and elegance.

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