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Designer boxers are much sought after these days. They are generally of high quality and costly. Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana are two popular brands of designer boxers. Lots of companies offer designer boxers online too.

Designer boxers are the best choice for those who wear quality underwear. They feature more comfort, style, coziness, and eco-friendliness and they are suitable for any occasion. Designer boxers differ from other boxers in materials used, design and coloring patterns. Typically, high quality materials such as cotton, silk and polyester are used for designer boxers. Special cotton boxers such as organic cotton boxers, light touch special cotton boxers, pure cotton boxers and woven cotton boxers are also available. Most designer boxers are best-designed with smart contrast stitching and smooth cushioned elastic waistbands. The smooth elastic waistband prevents the garment from making crinkled elastic impressions on the skin. Custom-designed polyester boxers are suitable for special occasions. They are also usually made of 100% polyester material and they make perfect gifts too.

Some designers make their boxers with front screen print or all-over design print. Mansilk boxers, voted number 1 boxer by the Rolling Stone magazine, are made of 100% silk. They come in chartreuse, iceberg blue, indigo, grey and a host of other common colors. Designer boxers for swimmers are specially designed with quality materials to resist high water content. These knee length shorts use stainless steel vent or drain grommets on each leg. Designer boxers made of 100% light-weight and quick dry nylon outer fabric cost higher than other boxers.

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