A Bad Case of Hair Extensions

Jayne Richardson paid $1,400 for real hair extensions. She never dreamed her life would be markedly changed by doing this simple thing. After all, people have hair extensions every day. Most of them successfully.

Her normal hair is usually fine, but she was unable to grow her hair past her shoulders. That’s when she first thought about getting extensions. And why not? Hair extensions are fashionable, fuelled in part by the rush of celebrity makeovers including glossy and gleaming hair extensions. She was quite happy to spend the money to have this done as she thought this would change her life for the better. It didn’t.

It changed her life for the worse. Things started to go wrong straight away. She states, “I had only had them in for two months when my scalp started itching.” Then she found one night that a big clump of hair fell out. This continued.

Within a very short time, she had large bald patches. The salon that had done the hair extensions had never seen such a bad case before. It turned out she had a case of “traction alopecia.” Her hair had basically been torn out at the roots. Luckily there was a remedy.

The extensions were removed and more light-weight synthetic hair pieces were interwoven into her existing hair. This covered the bald patches and gave her hair a chance to recover. The total cost of her hair extensions was nine months for the bald patches to disappear plus over $8,000 in hair appointments.

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