Just What Is DHT And How Does It Cause Hair Loss?

Although we do not completely understand how hair loss and baldness is passed down through our genetics, what we do know is that some individuals have hair follicles that are super sensitive to the “DHT” that runs through their blood.

DHT is a hormone with the initials standing for “dihydrotestosterone”.

DHT is an androgen, created from testosterone, and is considered a male hormone. Surprisingly, even though this is a male hormone, women also have a small amount that runs through their blood, some higher than others. When a female inherits hair follicles that are super sensitive to DHT, they will start to lose hair just as men do.

When a person inherits the genes for hair loss, their hair follicles are also sensitive to DHT in other ways. Not only does a person’s hair fall out, but they will have also inherited hair follicles that, when regenerated through the three growth cycles, grow strands of hair that come back thinner and with less pigmentation.

This phenomenon also clears up the mystery behind why some people have thinning hair that seems to change color as the person ages.

In other words, it is perfectly normal for everybody’s hair to grow and then shed, and then regrow back again. This allows the hair to reenter the anagen phase, then the catagen phase, and finally the telogen phase, which results in a new strand of hair. But now, since a person’s hair follicles are sensitive to the DHT in the blood supply, it prevents the hair from regenerating to its normal size after each repetitive growth cycle. They come back smaller and smaller. In time, a person’s scalp will contain hair so small that it resembles fuzz, which can barely be seen, hence becoming “bald”.

Don’t Be Too Discouraged To Find Out You Are Loosing Your Hair

Although being genetically predisposed to hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT may seem like a no-win situation, there is still hope! For starters, anybody who is experiencing hair loss can improve their look by carefully styling their hair in a way that does not emphasize this loss of hair.

There are also many hair care products on the market that can help give the appearance of extra hair. And if you really wanted to make an improvement, there are many high-quality wigs and hairpieces that look as real as a natural head of hair.

Also, medications exist that are widely available that are designed to help protect sensitive hair follicles that are affected by DHT. Some medications can even help by reducing the amount of DHT in a person’s bloodstream, which will help slow down the process of hair loss.

Although there is no “magic bullet” for everyone in terms of medication for hair loss, there have been some truly amazing results with treatment and medication where patients have experienced a total reversal of their hair loss!

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