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In today´s world, hair loss is one of the most common problems in people’s life, first of all we need to try to understand what the root causes of hair loss are and then, get the appropriate treatment for it.

Let’s take a look at some of the different baldness causes:

a) Genetics – one of the main causes (more common in men than in women), that is, the dominant gene responsible for the hair to fall (baldness), is inherited from father to son.

b) Therapies – like Chemotherapy, some medications or illness. In these cases, the hair loss sometimes, it´s only temporary. When the patient stop taking the medication or the treatment, the hair will eventually start growing again.

c) Diet and lifestyle – defiantly one of the most overlooked causes ,people who have a unbalanced diet and a sedentary way of life are more likely to get the illness (so, it’s very important to have a good diet and practicing exercise on a daily basis)

With many products in the market today, specially produced for hair loss treatment, it may be not that easy to choose the right for you. Here are some tips that you may follow to choose to get the right treatment for you.

1) Always use products that are scientifically proven.

2) Ask around, sometimes people we know may be using an effective product.

3) Be careful trying homemade recipes, sometimes they will only make the situation worse.

4) Be patient. Most of the treatments today take at least six months to get the first results (some of them you will see real results after two years of use).

5) Be sure to keep track of the results using photographs (before and after photos).

There are other options out there like hair restoration, laser treatments, implants etc. these treatments tend to be effective but the downside is they tend to be a little expensive.

You only need to take the right steps to stop the falling of the hair and sometimes to induce the growth of new hair, with the right treatment and a little patience; your hair loss can quickly become a problem of the past.

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