Why Does Sudden Hair Loss Happen?

What you are about to read will help you understand the difference between sudden and natural hair loss.

I will attempt to make known some of the reasons why sudden hair loss may affect you. If you are experiencing this problem then you need to analyze your current situation and identify any traits that may affect your hair.

If you are experiencing a sudden loss of hair you need to start at square one in finding out what has changed in your life recently.

Just to reiterate the fact that we all lose hair naturally every single day, it’s when the falling of hair becomes more than the normal amount then becomes noticeable in appearance.

There are four main categories that loss of hair falls into.

They are genes, stress, trauma and diet. Now there are some side categories may include surgery and medication but usually these are short lived issues that can be resolved by not taking the medication or waiting until the surgery heals itself. The categories mentioned are more of a long term diagnosis and must be investigated with an investigative eye.

The first category of analysis is genes. Does your family have a history of hair problems? Did any members of your family experience sudden hair loss? DNA and genes are an undeniable part of your genetic makeup and that’s something that you cannot change. With advancing medicine to combat this common problem there are always alternatives but research in this area is ongoing and yet to overturn the genetic makeup.

Stress also needs to be looked as one of the causes as well.

If you have experience some radical change in your environment that is in particular to stress then that may be a key to understanding your plight. Your body is a vehicle that will let you know when something is wrong. If you are in balance with life and all that it offers more than likely you have no problems with your hair. But if that balance tilts one way or the other then finding out the cause may be just understanding your situation as it relates to stress. Of course stress is part of our lives and we cannot live without it because it makes us actually grow and can support our immune system but its when it becomes overwhelming and you have no outlet for stress that symptoms may arise from it.

A sudden trauma in your life may be the root cause of your problem.

This sudden trauma may be self inflicted. By this I mean if you wanted a different type of hair style at your favorite salon and had tight curlers put on then that would not be conducive to a great hairstyle that you wanted. It just might be that in order to achieve the look that you wanted required pulling on the base roots of your hair so much that the roots may have been pulled too much.

Diet as related to hair loss.

What you eat always seems to come to the top of illnesses. Loss of hair is no different as a symptom. Without a proper diet of getting all the vitamins and nutrients into your body then there will be symptoms that you body will let you know about. One of those symptoms is hair loss, and it may be sudden or not but be advised that a deficiency in your diet could be to blame.

Making sure that you have an adequate intake of Vitamin A, B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, an protein are just some of the vitamins that you absolutely must have in sufficient quantities in order for your body to be healthy and vibrant. If you’re not getting these nutritional supplements within your diet then there are plenty of vitamin stores around where you can supplement your meals with.

Investigating sudden disappearance of hair takes the same research as the latter. Both have the same results but the difference is the time span. Taking a look at your current condition and understanding your family history is paramount in finding a solution and possibly redefining the ailment that’s affecting you right now.

With so many researchers dedicated to finding a cure for hair loss there just might be something out there that will fit your situation. Knowing who you are and your history will definitely allow you to focus in on certain treatment applications that might help you.

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