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The unfathomable expertise and prodigious knowledge of watch making by Baume & Mercier can be assessed from the fact that the Hampton Classic 8811 was chosen from among 72 women’s watches to be conferred the Best Women’s Watch of 2010 in March, 2010. The well known brand today has a long history behind its back. Ever since its inception in 1834, the brand has set an art of fine watch-making which has been passed from generation to generation.

Baume & Mercier has been making some of the best timepieces since time immemorial. The women’s range has bountiful options to choose from. No one can be left bereft of choices. The vast options available to women under the umbrella brand are:

• Classima Executives Ladies Watches: This range of watches is perfect for the women working in the corporate world. A must have for the office going women the watch has a very basic yet classy appeal to it.

• Hampton Ladies Watches: These Baume & Mercier pieces are for the modern women who like to flaunt their accessories to make an ever-lasting style statement. Glamorous and stylish, the Hampton Ladies series watches are available in both metal and leather straps.

• Ilea watches: This is the ultimate feminine accessory for any women. Baume & Mercier has the Ilea range of watches catering to the needs of women exclusively. The watches in this category are characterized by a round-dial and a stainless steel strap.

• Ladies Diamant Series: The Ladies Diamant series of watches are bold yet make a subtle style statement that has a lasting effect on the onlookers. Extremely stylish, these watches like all other Baume & Mercier watches are made from the finest quality materials using world-class technology.

• The Riviera Collection: Another most coveted watch series is the Riviera range. This watch series has a unique and interesting feature, which is that it has 12 sides for 12 hours. This innovative look has caught the eye of many and is a must have for all watch connoisseurs. Riviera watches are available in metal, leather as well as vulcanized rubber straps.

Baume & Mercier watches for ladies speak volumes about the refined and regal tastes of the lady flaunting it. Though coming with a heavy price tag, these watches are irresistible and loved by women of all facets.

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