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Collectible coins seem to have become a great source of income for several smaller nations. These smaller nations usually contract with a large, well established mint, such as the Perth Mint or the New Zealand Mint. One may find coins from Tuvalu at the Perth Mint, and Pitcairn Island, Cook Islands, Fiji, and the Kingdom of Cambodia at the New Zealand Mint. In addition, the Perth Mint produced many collectible coins for Australia, and the New Zealand Mint produces many New Zealand issues.

Collectors like low mintage and closed, short series of coins, so the variety of coins coming forth from these prestigious mints annually is incredible. They seem to move smoothly from one coin to another in their production process. Most of these coins are proof quality and many are colorized, and accompanied by certificates of authenticity and display cases. Since so many different coins come from these mints annually, low mintages are normal.

Short series can span a few years or come out all at once. The silver Dreaming Series, for example, consists of fifteen coins being released five per year. These are Australian coins produced by the Perth Mint. Actually, there are really fifteen annual coins, since the images on the gold, platinum, and silver coins, while depicting the same subject, differ from each other. The gold and silver coins are also available in multiple sizes.

Many Perth series are five coins in length, especially Tuvalu’s coins. In recent times Tuvalu has had coin series depicting vintage automobiles, battleships of World War II, motorcycles, and is currently running the Famous Battles in History series. These are a few examples of five coin series coming out over a short period, perhaps as short as one year. Some actually come out all at once and can be purchased housed in a single display case.

The New Zealand Mint is also the producer of several short series.

Both the Perth Mint and the New Zealand Mint have issued Chinese lunar coins. These make natural twelve year series. In fact, the Royal Australian Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint also have Chinese lunar series.

The smaller nations should be applauded for using well established mints with high quality standards, and allowing the producing mints to market their coins.

Coin collectors should embrace the short series of low mintage coins, since they are generally of great desirability. Once more collectors learn of these fantastic coins they could become increasingly difficult to obtain.

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New series are constantly being started, sometimes during the year. It is wise to check regularly for new issues.

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