Wenger Watches: Symbols of Quality Swiss Craftsmanship


Established in 1893 as The Wenger Company, Wenger S.A. now holds the reputation of being one of the top knifemakers in the world, and one of only two official manufacturers of the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife. Their headquarters are nestled in the Jura mountains of Delemont, where skilled artisans abound. Wenger S.A. today not only manufactures quality knives and watches but their outstanding products have also expanded to include tools and outdoor, business, and travel gear.

Swiss Quality

When Wenger was announced in 1908 as the official supplier of the Swiss Army Knife for the Swiss Military, the company committed themselves to the quest for excellence, and the term “Swiss Army” came to be etched even on the watches they started producing in 2003. Wenger watches are known for their style durability and practicality because they are specifically designed to meet the highest military standards. You can thus observe that clean lines, easy-to-read numbers, and luminous hands are all trademarks of Wenger watches. Their styles are meant to be bold yet subtle.

These watches are grouped into four categories – “Field,” “Air,” “Sea,” and “Classic.” This effectively covers the whole military spectrum, and have specially made models for each line. Most Wenger watches cost in the range of $120 to $200, although particular top-of-the-line models with the automatic Chronograph Valjoux movements may cost you up to a little over $4000.

Models Available

Wenger S.A.has also produced several classical models which are highly prized by military watch enthusiasts: the Alpenrose, Commando Chrono, and the Escort model for women; and the Alpine Swiss Rallye limited edition and the AquaGraph Deep Diver (with a unique date display between 4H and 5H) for men. These special watches cost around $150 to $500 in watch dealers and shops.

Recommended Merchants

Wenger watches have definitely been designed with the military soldier, pilot, and sailor in mind, but many Wenger owners don’t even allow their timepieces to touch water. For them, it’s enough that they have a dependable Swiss-made timepiece that looks smashing even at ground level. If you are looking for a fine swiss quality price at affordable prices, check out Swiss-Watches-Guide.com for our preferred watch merchants.

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