What Makes Gold Jewelry So Valuable And Desriable By So Many People – See For Yourself

Gold is beautiful yellow money that people all
over the world cherish. The value of gold as a
unit of exchange does not diminish. Gold is an
excellent hedge against inflation and investors all
over the world use gold as part of their
investment portfolios.

The Gold Standard Magazine agrees:
“Indeed, during the monetary crisis of the last
several years, the price of gold soared in free world
markets as more and more individuals around the world
acquired gold as a hedge against actual and potential
currency devaluations”

Gold is one of the most used mined minerals.
The characteristic of gold make it useful in several
industries. Some of the uses for gold include:

*As a conductor of heat and electricity

*Used in Dentistry for gold crowns and teeth restorations

*Used in computer manufacturing

*Used in the treatment of some arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Because “gold is malleable, a single ounce of gold can
be drawn into a wire 35 miles long or hammered into
sheets less than five millionth of an inch thick”
Gold can be made into thread and used to embroider
and sew clothing.

All of the other uses for gold are minimal compared
to the amount of gold that is used for jewelry.
Over one third of the gold mined is used to produce
jewelry. Mouth jewelry or fronts is a popular
fad among rap stars. These hip hop rappers
sport “teeth covers” made of gold or platinum
that are encrusted with diamond to show off
their wealth. Gold is and always has been a
symbol of wealth.

Gold is money. Owning gold has historically
been a way to store wealth. The price of gold
is independent of the trends that determine
he prices of other financial asset.
Equity might depend on the earnings or growth
of the company. The prices in the bond market
may be tied to the safety, yield or comparisons
in the market.

The price of gold is dependent on supply
and demand, foreign exchange rates, inflation,
interest rates, there are other factors but
the main point is the price of gold will move
independently of the prices of other financial
asset. Gold maintains it value over time.

Gold is a tangible or real asset.Gold is more
stable than any other merchandise so even in the
marketplace today gold can still out perform
most markets. Gold bars, coins or jewelry are
tangible assets that can be used for asset

The special properties of gold make it unique
and highly sought after. Gold, however is
scarce. Mining for gold is very expensive
so the price of gold is usually high.
A reporter from The Gold Standard writes
“On average, there is less than 0.0001% gold on earth.
To find gold is very difficult.
To find a large enough quantity of gold so
that it would be worthwhile mining it, is a
rare occurrence indeed.”

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