Cosmoceuticals – How to Choose a Brand that Really Works


Used together,Guest Posting the products normalize your skin’s PH (acid/alkaline) balance, provide proper skin hydration, and assure that the moisture is effective.Skin care has become very scientific-and therefore effective-in recent years with the introduction of cosmoceuticals into skin care products. Nowadays the claim about a “miracle” in a bottle is no longer a fantasy.Cosmoceuticals not only prevent skin damage such as wrinkles, dry skin, loss of collagen and elasticity, they can also repair already damaged skin and  help to reprogram it.( (Vitamin A)Vitamin CGlycolic acid ( AHA)BHAAlpha Lipoic acidSkin LightenersPentapeptides (Matrixyl)Phlavanoids ( Soy, Wild Yam, Jajoba extracts)Hyaluronic acidThe difference between a cosmoceutical and cosmetic is that cosmetics don’t cause the skin to actually change, but cosmoceuticals do. Cosmetics don’t penetrate the skin and they are not active ingredients. Cosmetics can only add moisture and help your skin look temporally better. Cosmoceuticals truly change your skin for the better and skin learns to be healthier and younger.Adorage cosmoceutical skin care line is a blend of many different types of active ingredients which produce wonderful results in 10-14 days, working in a “concert”.Retinol-is used to help reverse sun damage and to inhibit collagen and elastin breakdown. It reverses photoaging and stimulates collagen synthesis, it is good for acne too.Vitamin C-can lighten skin, because it inhibits melanin production. It also stimulates formation of collagen and protects skin from free radical damage.Glycolic acid-exfoliates the skin and speeds up the renewal process. GA used in combination with Vitamin C and Retinol triggers the formation of collagenHyaluronic acid-is a natural moisturizer that attracts and binds water, helping to support and lubricate the skin. It transports the essential nutrients to the skin’s viable cells.Soy-stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity and moisture in the skin due to estrogen-type and antioxidant effects of its metabolites: genistein and daidzen. A consistent maintenance for your skin is needed not only topically but orally too.Skin’s Formula dietary supplement significantly slows the aging process in the skin and protects skin cells and elastin tissues from early aging and environmental stress.It contains: VitaminA, Vitamin B5,DMAE-is a powerful antioxidant which occurs naturally in fish oil. People 2who regularly take DMAE get improvement in the facial musculature, resulting in a leaner look. It stimulates muscles to contract and tighten under your skin. It is also known as a “ Brain” or smart drug, increasing the chemicals in the brain that are needed for short-term memory and concentration.MSM-Nature’s Beuty Mineral, which plays an essential role in the health and maintaining of the collagen and elastin of the skin and is vital for the formation of healthy cells.Acethyl L-Carnitine and R-Alpha Lipoic acid-this combination slows the cell aging process.N-Acetyl Cistein-helps the formation of karnitin, enhancing skin’s strength and provides powerful immune supportHyaluronic acid-promotes water retention and cellular rejuvenation of skin cells, increasing elasticity and adverse the formation of wrinkles.Lycopene-life-long protection against harmful UV radiationGreen Tea extract-slowing down skin aging processResveratrol-is a stimulator of collagen synthesis , has powerful antioxidant propertiesConsumers have to avoid products that contain ingredients which can cause future damage to their health. Adorage doesn’t contain parabens as preservatives. The ingredients are not comedogenic and cause any allergy.Purchasing skin care products can be overwhelming . But the money you spend on skin care is well worth it when you obtain the results you want, and the benefits the brand claims.Your belief about your skin, your social status, and your lifestyle dictate your choices, but knowing exactly late scientific advantages of cosmoceuticals , and what brands produce them , you can make a better buying decision.

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