Summertime Lingerie Must Haves

With summer about to kick off, women everywhere are undoubtedly starting to shop for that sexy new swimsuit or a set of pretty summer dresses. However, poolside attire and outerwear aren’t the only items of clothing to consider when it comes to summertime apparel. What you wear underneath your summer clothes is just as important! Spring and summer lingerie collections are popping up everywhere, boasting bold, beautiful colours and gorgeous styles. So what are a few must-have pieces when it comes to lingerie for the warmer months?

To begin, you’ll want to update your bra collection to complement the clothes you’ll be wearing this summer. For instance, if you wear a lot of thin-strap tank tops, your bra strap is likely to show. So why not take advantage of this potential fashion mishap by opting for bras in pretty colours? You might also find bras with slightly decorative straps – with detailed trim or little bows – that will put a nice finishing touch on any summertime top. Alternatively, you might choose to wear a lot of sleeveless dresses or tube tops this summer, which means you should own a few good, supportive strapless bras – preferably the kind that doesn’t slip down! And if you happen to be big-busted, ensure you look for bras with extra support to give you the look you want in your summer clothes.

Another aspect to consider with regard to summertime tops is colour. As the months get warmer, you might decide to wear lighter colours, which means your bra might show underneath your top if you’re not careful with your lingerie colours and prints. If you plan on wearing a lot of white or light-coloured tops, you might want to think about investing in some nude-coloured bras in addition to bright, bold styles. The same principle applies to light-coloured trousers or skirts. If you plan on wearing lighter colours on the bottom, ensure you’re wearing appropriately-coloured knickers or thongs to avoid an embarrassing colour display!

Apparel-friendly lingerie aside, every woman wants to feel attractive in her underwear. So why not opt for some sets of matching bras and knickers? Whether you’re lounging around your house in your knickers, or out to dinner in a restaurant, you’ll feel good in this season’s pretty lingerie prints and styles.

So remember: it’s not all about the pretty dresses and swimsuits this summer. It may be an idea to invest in a set of summertime lingerie, and feel more attractive than ever in your summertime clothing.

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