Hypertrophic Burn Scars – What Some Treatments For Hypertrophic Scarring?


The hypertrophic is a reoccurring scar that is very unsightly and is usually followed around by keloids. These scars are very hard to get rid of even using chemical peel and microdermabrasion methods. The blue dyed pulsed laser resurfacing procedure has been reported as being the most successful at treating the scars, especially those as a result of burns.

From steroid injections to radiotherapy and even silicone sheeting, the scars are very hard to get rid of due to their complex nature. Furthermore the hypertrophic burn scars are reoccurring and will generally reappear after a few months have passed following a treatment procedure. Sometimes the treatment also leads to not only the reappearance of the scar but also the worsening of it.

They generally appear in areas where the skin and body are in constant motion and thus preventing complete recovery from the burn. Furthermore in the event that your skin is of a darker tone, they become even harder to eradicate as the most common methods of remedying them ends up causing hypopigmentation of the skin. In general when they are alone, the scars will only be found at the traumatized point of the skin, but unfortunately most burn related hypertrophic scars also include keloids which can disperse well beyond the limits of the trauma. These keloids make the treatment of them even harder as it become more difficult to determine the exact points to perform the procedure on.

If you have hypertrophic burn scars it is important to discuss your treatment options with a certified dermatologist. The certification of the dermatologist from the board of cosmetic surgeons means that he or she is an expert in dermatology and they will have the experience to make sure you know and have all the available options that you will need for a successful repair of your hypertrophic burn scars.

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