Peeling Your Way To A Younger You

Years of sun damage, elemental damage, and simple aging can wreck havoc on your skin. You look in the mirror and you can see it all in your face. The fine lines, forming wrinkles, discolored areas, skin that just looks a little less healthy than it should.

But after so long, what can you do but continue taking care of your face? You have top of the line moisturizers, gentle exfoliators, firming creams, and other products that do what they can for the beauty of your skin.

What you may have neglected are the professional options out there. Anybody who is anybody gets botox these days, but you are not exactly fond of freezing your face into one expression. You could get microdermabrasion, though that is a very good option, it will take several visits to gets really fabulous results. Another option, if you feel like going all out on your facial, is to try a chemical peel.

A chemical peel uses specific chemical solutions and applies them to your skin. These chemical solutions can vary, the main types being peels that contain alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), tricholoracetic acid (TCA), or phenol. Alpha hydroxy acid is also known as glycolic acid and beta hydroxy acid as salicylic acid.

These chemicals each have their own specific strength and can result in different types of peels. You can get a superficial peel, which is a light or micro peel, or medium to deep peels. Usually the use of AHA and BHA will apply with the superficial peels while TCA and phenol will be used for deeper peels.

The solutions placed on your skin, depending upon the type and how deep you want the peel to be, will actually dissolve the top layers of your skin. Superficial peels are usually the best, as you can do several with a measured amount of time to get good results. There are few risks and you may only experience redness, swelling, and skin sensitivity.

However, as you get deeper peels, the complications can be a little more severe. Medium and deep peels can possibly leave you with scarring, infection, and skin color changes. These color changes can be temporary, but they may also become permanent.

A chemical peel is meant to help restore your beauty by giving your face major exfoliation, removing skin surface cells that have been damaged by the sun, reducing wrinkles, skin discolorations, and helping your overall skin texture, and aiding in the rebuilding of collagen, which helps to prevent future wrinkles. A chemical peel can also remove blackheads and give you a temporary reprieve if you have oily skin by reducing the amount of oil your skin is producing.

If you are looking for an improvement for beauty, a chemical peel may sound pretty good, but you need to know all the facts before getting one. As chemical peels to have helpful benefits, there are a few things that even a chemical peel cannot change. You need to be aware of these things before you think a chemical peel will solve all your beauty problems.

If you have the appearance of blood vessels beneath your skin, a chemical peel is definitely not going to erase them or reduce their appearance. Likewise, if you have large pores, a chemical peel is not going to make them smaller or make them look smaller. When trying to rid yourself of skin discoloration, those with darker skin will have fewer results. If you have certain types of scarring, a chemical peel may not be able to fully remove them.

A chemical peel is not a facelift. It is simply a way of removing skin layers to help promote healthy skin growth underneath. This healthy skin then takes the place of your old skin layers, leaving you with fewer problems and healthier looking skin.

You will have to be the one to decide whether or not you want to do a chemical peel to help capture some of your past beauty, as a chemical peel can cost you anywhere from $500 to over $2,000.

Choose wisely in your options. True beauty should not have to come at the expense of potentially harming your skin or your wallet.

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