Start To Look Younger In A Day With The Proper Skin Care

Yes, you can look younger in a day by taking a few more minutes each day to properly hydrate your skin.

It is a well-known fact that, all living things need water to survive. Of course the human body is no exception. Made up of mostly water, it is the single most important element that your skin needs to stay healthy and younger looking.

First I think we need to take a look at our skin and attempt to understand how they work. When you look in the mirror you are only seeing the top layer of 3 layers to the skin, called the epidermis. Deep below the surface of the epidermis there lies a complex system of layers hard at work.

The epidermis layer is the thin outer layer consisting of thinner and older cells. Below this the internal younger cells that are constantly pushing up toward the surface to replace the thinner and older cells. Your epidermis layer will determine how fresh your skin looks. The condition of the epidermis will determine how fresh and young your skin looks and how well it absorbs and holds moisture.

The dermis layer is the middle layer that lies between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue, which we will discuss in a paragraph to follow. The dermis layer is actually the thickest of the three layers and is responsible for the skin’s structural integrity, elasticity and resilience. This is the layer of skin were wrinkles develop. The dermis is made up of a grid of connective tissue, which is collagen and elastin fibers that hold the blood vessels, muscles, nerve endings, hair follicles, fat cells and sweat and oil glands that lubricate the skin and hair.

Collagen and elastin are vital skin proteins. While collagen is in charge of the structural support of the skin the elastin creates the skins flexibility and resilience. The dermis layer also contains cells that synthesize the proteins and other structural molecules.

The subcutaneous tissue is the last layer of the skin. This tissue is mainly made up of fat and acts as a shock absorber and is used for insulation. The glands and muscles that attach to hair follicles begin in the subcutaneous tissue. As we grow older, this tissue becomes thinner, which makes wrinkles more noticeable and is a factor to sagging skin.

Now that you have an understanding of how these different layers of skin effect how young you look, we can concentrate on what we can do to start looking younger.

Here are seven basic well known, but seldom remembered, actions you can take that will start helping you look younger in a day.

1. Only wash with warm, not hot, water. Washing your skin with hot water increase the speed of aging effects. You should use comfortably warm water, but stay away from the hot water.

2. Handle your skin with care. Because your facial skin consists of a very thin layer of cells, you never want to scrub your face or use anything that may contain abrasive items. Always pat your face dry with a towel, never rub.

3. Work up. Be sure to use short firm strokes or pat in upward motion when you apply any type of moisturizer, night or day creams and makeup. Just as a personal suggestion is to use an all-natural skin care when using moisturizers and creams. Today there are so many parabens and other carcinogenic additives in skin care that you need to be aware. Gravity is always pulling the skin, which creates sagging, wrinkles and lines. So give your skin a little lift whenever possible.

4. The eye area needs extra TLC. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate part of your face and that is why lines and wrinkles will show up there first. Professional makeup artists suggest using the ring or pinky finger to apply and type of makeup or lotion to this delicate area. Also, when applying or taking off makeup, remember to gently pat, not rub, and use upward strokes.

5. The neck and décolletage. The skin of your face extends from the top of the forehead under the chin, down the neck and over the ears. This is a very visible area that needs the same attention that is given to the rest of the face. Remember your neck frames your face and should look as beautiful as the rest of the picture.

6. Any skin care or makeup should be applied with clean hands. You should also always use the tips of the fingers when applying anything to the facial area. The natural heat from your hands will help your skin care lotion or cream absorb into the skin better.

7. Get your beauty rest. I know, this is n old cliché but it could not be truer. Sleeping 7-9 hours of restful sleep a night will allow your skin and body to do the necessary time to rest and replenish itself. While you sleep the skin is carrying off toxins and replenishing nutrients, restoring the proper level of oxygen to the blood, which helps in new cell growth.

Follow these simple rules and you will start to look younger in a day.

Mark Bourgelas is an entrepreneur living in Sarasota, FL. He has been in the field of nutrition for the last nine years and is knowledgeable about the body and the value of good nutrition. Visit my website at [] and pick up a list of the “Dirty Dozen” chemicals and the health hazards they may cause. You will look younger in a day [] with an all natural, water based skin care system.

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