Using of Oils for Face Massage

It can be quite stressful to make the necessary preparation for the big day. There are so many things that can possibly go wrong. You might find yourself finding a few wrinkles or pimples prior to the big day. This is definitely something which you do not want to see.

You have gone for a facial treatment 2 weeks prior to the wedding and as you do not want to stress your skin further, you decide that you should try to maintain yourself. What are the ways you can do that without stressing your skin?

One way is to make use of oil in face massage. There are 2 types of oils, mainly mineral and vegetable oil. Mineral oils are not recommended as they do not penetrate the dermis; they mainly form a plastic film on the surface and block the pores. They do not contain any beneficial nutrients for the skin. The reason for their popularity is that they usually do not cause allergic reactions and are cheap to produce. Vegetable oils contain nutrients but do get those which are cold-pressed from health shops. They contain fatty acids and fats soluble vitamins. However their absorption by the skin can be a bit slow.

Different types of vegetable oils suits different skin types. If your skin is much drier, you may find it more beneficial to use a vegetable oil that has more fatty acids.

How do you then determine your skin type? Avoid using any skincare products for a week and you would be able to see your true skin type.

Normal Skin – You can try using olive oil, sunflower oil or almond oil.

Drying or Aging Skin – You can try avocado oil, macadamia oil or wheatgerm oil.

Oily Skin – You can use hazelnut oil which can help to normalize the skin and regulate sebum production.

Another alternative to vegetable oil is essential oil which contains tiny molecules that can easily penetrate the dermis. This type of oils is well known for their therapeutic abilities. One important note is that they oxidize easily and it is best to store them in dark cool places. E.g. you can use lavender to help curb inflammation and reduce sensitivity.

The best use of the oils is to combine with a light face massage. Pour less than a teaspoon of the oil on your hand and spread evenly on your face. Spread a thin layer around your eyes. Do a simple massage with some pressures on certain points. This would help to ensure that the oils are absorb by the skin and achieving the radiant look and glow.

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