75 Colloidal Minerals – The Easy Way Remove Mineral Deficiency

75 Colloidal Minerals

Minerals are very important for human bodies and the best source of them is plants. Rock minerals can have around 15% absorption but these plant derived 75 colloidal minerals can have up to 100% absorption.

Benefits of 75 Colloidal Minerals

The 75 Colloidal Minerals have more advantages than metallic and chelated (metallic and nonmetallic organic atoms are combined). The sole reason is that these plant derived minerals have very small size. The size can be between 0.001 and 0.005 microns but some of these minerals can be 1000 to 5000 times smaller than the human blood cell.

75 Colloidal mineral are prepared in an isotonic solution or sol. In this liquid form these minerals quickly move from the stomach to the small intestine. In there upon contact these very small particles are readily taken up by the cellular absorption process.

Colloidal Mineral Uses

75 Colloidal Minerals that are essential for the human body provide support to many enzyme and cell functions. These minerals also provide structural matter for both teeth and bone formation. These minerals also help the nervous system by producing electrical signals to maintain body activity.

The trace minerals are necessary for the hormone structure and help in regulating the activities carried out by hormones. Vitamin utilization also requires minerals. Many people are short on these essential minerals and trace minerals due to lack of a proper balanced diet. To sustain your body’s requirement, 75 colloidal minerals is a very good supplement source.

75 Colloidal Minerals Absorption

75 Colloidal Minerals are available to the body up to 98% once they are absorbed in the small intestine. These hydrophilic minerals don’t undergo digestion as they dissolve in water and are taken up by cell absorption in intestine. These minerals are released in the blood by these cells after they dissolve.

75 Colloidal Minerals trace minerals are transported in the body to be used in hormonal activities. Any excess mineral that is not used by the cell functions are excreted from the body.

75 Colloidal Mineral Usage

75 Colloidal Minerals may be taken up to 15 ml in a day. When you put them in your mouth your may want to keep it there for several seconds so that these minerals can enter the blood stream through mucous membrane. The rest of the minerals will be taken up during cell absorption in the intestines.

Why take 75 Colloidal Mineral?

75 Colloidal Minerals help remove mineral deficiency from the human body. Deficiency can affect cell and enzymatic functions, nervous system by reduction in electrical pulses, hormone activities and vitamin utilization. These minerals are plant derived, non toxic and negatively charged.

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