Taking Responsibility for Your Health

Taking Responsibility for Your Health


Should we place all our faith in modern medicine? There is no question that modern medicine has evolved to a very sophisticated methodology today. The discovery of antibiotics is nothing short of a miracle. Childhood diseases were virtually wiped out because of vaccines. People live longer lives. However, modern medicine does not have all the answers. Whether one should have total faith in modern medicine depends on the situation. Appendicitis is easily remedied with surgery and pneumonia is easily cured with antibiotics. But, what if we get heart disease, lung cancer, or diabetes?

Are We Expecting Too Much of Modern Medicine?

Surgery and drugs sometimes are the answer, but in many cases side effects are just as debilitating as the disease itself. It would be better to not have to deal with lifestyle diseases at all. While there is no question that modern drugs have helped a lot of people, there are also many cases where adverse reactions have been worse than the condition for which the drug was prescribed.

Unfortunately modern man has been eating in unhealthy ways and covering aches and pains the same way. Our bodies were never intended to deal with so much refined sugar, processed food, and drugs to mask pain or bad moods. We need to return to a style of eating that is simpler and free of additives with the original nutrients still intact.

Medical costs are soaring because drug companies keep producing new drugs, which are expensive to develop, and doctors are spending more and more time treating patients whose major problems are caused by their lifestyle choices. Doctors need to have their time free to treat those appendicitis and pneumonia cases that depend on modern medicine for a successful resolution.

Take Responsibility For Your Health!

We need to take responsibility for our health and make healthy lifestyle choices. We need to return to a style of eating that incorporates a balance of fresh fruit and vegetables, with an abundant source of protein such as eggs, meat, cheese, poultry, fish and some grains. We just need to make a few lifestyle changes and choose the right foods, take supplements such as Indiumease, get enough sleep and avoid unnecessary or illicit drugs. Sugar, tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs do not contribute to a healthy body.

The other thing to consider for a health lifestyle is exercise. Our bodies need plenty of exercise such as walking, running (if possible), bending, stretching and deep breathing. It is possible to exercise in a chair, but if you can get out for a walk, do that. If you get started on a safe exercise regimen, you will see results very quickly. If you are under a doctor’s care, get his approval first. Don’t overdo any exercise; start slowly; be consistent.


Get started today on a program of healthy food, exercise and supplements. This will increase your sense of well-being and give you more energy. You will look younger and feel better. We can all do this with a little self-motivation.

After learning the hard way that modern medicine does not have all the answers, the owner of NotTiredNow.com went on a mission to learn as much as possible about mineral supplements. She experimented successfully on herself before offering products to the public.

Internet marketing is a fourth career for the author. She previously taught school, counseled, and was a systems administrator. Learning is a way of life.

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