Testosterone Patches

Testosterone patches are a new means to administrate testosterone into your body. These patches having testosterone are placed on the skin. The skin gradually absorbs the hormone into the body. Testosterone patches are used to help men recover from low testosterone levels. These patches provide a controlled pattern of testosterone release, similar to the normal body pattern. Testosterone patches cost higher than other methods.

There are two types of testosterone patches available – body (transdermal) patches and scrotal (transcrotal) patches. Body patches can be applied in many parts of the body whereas scrotal patches are placed only on the scrotum. Both these patches often need medical prescription.

Body testosterone patches may be placed on the back, abdomen, upper buttock, upper arm or thigh. People often use two or more patches at a time. Body testosterone patches are worn 24 hours a day and are changed every day. To avoid skin irritation, areas of the body where these patches are applied should be changed at least once every seven days.

Scrotal testosterone patches are comparatively smaller and have lesser side effects. The scrotum region is thinner than other regions, thus it absorbs more hormone. The scrotum needs to be shaved regularly for applying patches. Scrotal patches are worn at least 22 hours of each day, and a dose can be continued for no more than eight weeks.

Testosterone patches eliminate the need of injections or surgical procedures. They are easy to use and apply. The common side effects of testosterone patches are itching, discomfort and transient local irritation, skin redness, and hardening or burning of regions where patches are applied. The patches may cause local infection, if they are dislocated. If you want to bathe or swim you can remove the patch.

Before applying any testosterone patch, it is important to wash and dry the skin. They should not be applied on broken, oily, or irritated skin, and areas that may be under pressure while sitting or sleeping. Never use body testosterone patches on the scrotum or on bony areas of the body such as the top of the shoulder. If you are diabetic, hormone patches may affect your blood sugar levels.

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