What Are Nutritional Supplements?

“Nutritional Supplement” is a broad term for pills, tablets, capsules, bars and liquids which can contain wide range of substances including: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and metabolites.

Many people take nutritional supplements for a certain cause as there are supplements out there that will address just about any health concern one may have. A certain supplement, for example, may help lower blood pressure or relieve arthritis pain. Most consumers of nutritional supplements see these pills as an effective way to stay healthy and lower medical costs.

Most supplements cause few side effects and can be taken safely. However, these supplements should not be used to replace a normal, healthy diet. They should be used in partnership to increase certain nutritional “gaps” in your diet. Be wary of any packaging that claims these pills can replace your standard diet, as they are in violation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Nutritional supplements do not need to meet the approval of the FDA before going to marketing, but if the manufacturer knowingly provides false information, or sells an unsafe product, the FDA will take action.

There are some risks with taking nutritional supplements. You can put your health at risk, and it is even possible to overdose. Always read labels carefully and for potential risks and side effects, especially if you are pregnant. Always talk to your doctor about any supplements you may be taking, especially if you are also taking medication.

One of the best ways to avoid having to take supplements is to eat a well balanced diet, and listen to your bodies cravings. Our DNA shouts to us when there is something missing. All we need to do is listen and give it what it asks.

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