7 Success Strategies to Boost Metabolism Rate and Burn More Fat

Ever heard this statement, “Oh I can’t lose weight, I have a slow metabolism.”? Or “She’s so slim, she must have a fast metabolism.”? When it comes to weight loss, the word ‘metabolism’ comes up a lot, but few understand exactly what it is, how it works and how a thorough understanding of the metabolism can help us lose weight.

Let’s start, in lay-terms, with what the metabolism actually is…

Our metabolism (or metabolic rate) is the rate or speed at which the body burns, or “turns” food into energy (i.e. carbohydrate, fat or protein). It ALSO describes how the body uses fat or protein to make protein, necessary to maintain our lean tissue. Hormones control these intricate processes, particularly the part that determines how much lean muscle we make and most importantly keep!

Confused? You needn’t be – just take on board that your metabolism is simply the efficiency at which your body can use food . Its “efficiency” can also be improved upon.

So can we change the rate at which we burn food? Is it under our control?

Well, the short and loud answer to that is YES! Sure, we are all different, but the key is to work WITH your metabolic rate, and not against it. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know how to “rev up”, work with, and keep your metabolism gently ticking over in a higher gear.

Keep the home fire burning!

Think of your metabolic rate as a fire or flame. It may help to think of this deep in your belly! Ideally, you need that flame flickering gently all day. Now, if a fire is left unattended, and not refueled, it will go out.

It’s the same with eating. Going for hours with no food means your metabolism (or flame) slows right down. When you do finally eat, not only do you run the risk of overeating because you are over hungry, but food is not used or burned as efficiently – rather like trying to re-start a fire by putting coal on it, but with no flame! In the case of your body, more food or calories are likely to be stored – as fat!

So, the first thing to remember about “revving” up your metabolism is to aim to eat every 3 hours or so, and feed, feed, feed the metabolism! This way you will burn MORE energy (i.e. calories) than your body has been used to, and help you on your way to successful weight loss.

Simple steps to a faster metabolism

Let’s look at the typical eating strategies from 2 different “sports”; a ‘lean’ athlete eats regularly to stay lean eg. 5 small balanced meals a day; he knows that’s the best way to burn body fat. A Sumo wrestler on the other hand, eats one huge meal at the end of the day to PUT ON lots of fat. He knows his metabolic rate is at its slowest, and much of the excess he eats will be stored as fat.

So… do you want to look like a lean athlete or a sumo wrestler? Work with your body – not against it.

Following these 7 Success Strategies to Boost your Metabolism will help you burn more body fat.

1. Think like a lean athlete not a sumo wrestler.

2. Aim to eat around every 3 hours or so.

3. Avoid LARGE meals – full stop!

4. Always balance the amount of carbohydrate with protein in your meal – aim for a 1:1 ratio.

5. Avoid carbohydrate-only meals to balance your blood sugar levels effectively.

6. Try exercising before breakfast and take your metabolism to a higher gear for the rest of the day. This could be a 20 minute walk, a home exercise circuit or a swim.

7. Find time in the week (preferably 3 regular slots) to do some resistance training that challenges individual muscles. Examples are weight training, circuit training, Pilates or using a body ball. You will build and keep lean “metabolically active” muscle tissue, helping you to burn more calories while you are sitting here reading this!

Claire Raikes is co-founder of [http://www.DailyBread365.com], the 365 day ‘Body & Soul Nutrition’ eProgram and Member Community. Having ‘cured’ herself of a chronic, disabling and life-threatening bowel condition without the use of steroids, surgery or any other traditional medical intervention, Claire has partnered with Registered Nutritionist Lucy-Ann Prideaux MSc BSc RNutr to share the message that a happier, leaner YOU begins on the inside!

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