Bio Balance – Alkaline Ash Diet

Alkaline Ash Dieting- What is it, what does it do and what foods do I choose?

  • A controlled alkaline diet will in essence, help and give our bodies an opportunity to replenish and regain our youth. The question is how can we prevent our health from deteriorating through this method?
  • Your health depends primarily on the pH balance of your blood. Which foods ignite your energy and which foods sap your strength or deliver a not quite fulfilling feeling, notably fast food. Do you feel a drop in energy 20 minutes after you eat a Big Mac or some deep fried chicken? This is where an alkaline ash diet will help turn things around.
  • The first criteria are to regularly consume water, natural juices, not dehydrates, so the major factor is to hydrate properly. Since all our cellular and bodily functions such as perspiration, respiration, digestion and elimination would collapse without water; a reduced water intake affects our cellular ability to function effectively. This follows that water is the most important instrument in losing weight.
  • The second criteria of the alkaline ash diet are the foods you consume. These two factors together will help your overall health substantially.
  • Ever considered why kids are constantly full of beans, always charging around with a relentless supply of energy. Ever considered your own activities of late and questioned your own diet. Can you look back and picture yourself running around as a child and constantly running to the sink with your friend and then ducking outdoors to get muddy again!

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