Diets That Make You Lose Weight Fast

You might have heard of the fat loss 4 idiots by now. The fat loss 4 idiots has been all over the internet. It’s a diet that make you lose weight fast and easy. Many people are talking about how much weight they have lost on this program. This diet is easy to follow. And super easy to stick too.

The diet is consisting of:

-Fruit and vegetables

-Some starchy carbohydrates

-Whole foods (such as cottage cheese or eggs)

-Lean meat

This diet is a well balance diet that anyone can follow. It uses the method of calorie shifting. Which means you always eat different food with different amount of calories so that your metabolism is always burning fat. You will choose the food that you like. Than the generator well automatically generate meal plans for you. You will be eating 4 meals a day. For the total of 11 days. After 11 days you well get to eat whatever you want for 3 days. It’s expected that you lose 9lbs during these 11 days. And if you want to lose more weight just simply repeat the process. During this diet you well not have to worry about how much calorie you are eating or how much carb. You simply just eat until you are satisfy.

This diet is easy to stick to because:

1) You choose the food

2) You get to eat 4 times a day.

3) You don’t have to cut carbs (which can be hard)

4) If you drink wine you get to drink a glass a day.

5) If you are a vegetarians . Than there is a vegetarians options.

The fat loss 4 idiots is great for anyone who is looking for a diet that make you lose weight fast. But like all diet. You should drink enough water each day. And do some exercise when you can.

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