Is Akavar 20-50 a Scam?

“Eat all you want and lose weight!” It’s the first headline you will see when you run into Akavar 20/50. It is positioned to be the new European Weight Loss breakthrough. According to its claims, Akavar serves as the ultimate fat burner for anyone who wants to lose weight while enjoying all the foods they want. I did a simple Google search on Akavar 20/50 but the information is limited. Many reviews posted online sing and praise Akavar 20/50. You should be suspicious to these potentially fake reviews as many are trying to promote the products to you. In this article I am going to cut through all the craps and let you know the truth about Akavar 20/50.

The Akavar 20/50 websites offer very limited information about the products. There’s no list of ingredients although the manufacturer insist that the proprietary blend that is guarantee to lose your body weight. After doing some research, I found that Akavar 20/50 may contain caffeine. In addition, the published clinical data at Akavar 20/50 website is rather doubtful as it involved only 24 participants. It is certainly not enough to determine the pill’s effectiveness, safety and reliability.

The side effects of Akavar 20/50 include increased blood pressure, elevated heart burn and reduced appetite (may affect blood sugar level). It is not approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). Also, Akavar 20/50 doesn’t seem to promote healthy diet and exercise which is critical in weight loss.

You may argue that if Akavar 20/50 doesn’t work, then it can’t be promoted on TV. This is certainly untrue as many TV infomercials have made misleading claim and still get away with it.

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