Losing Weight With The Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Will A Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Really Help Me Lose Weight?

The cabbage soup diet recipe has been around for many years, and comes in hundreds of variations. It became popular in the 80’s like many recipes that were spammed from fax machine to fax machine, of course now it is popular online. The majority of these soup recipes are 7 days and claim that you can lose about 10 pounds.

While your on the cabbage soup diet you can consume as much soup as you would like, when ever you are hungry. You must consume at least one bowl everyday. There are strict limitations to what other foods you can eat. Different days allow you to eat a variety of foods.

Monday : All fruits but bananas.

Tuesday: Eat any vegetable you want.

Wednesday: All fruits and vegetables, but no bananas.

Thursday: Eat up to 8 bananas and drink as many as 8 glasses of skim milk.

Friday: A serving of skinless chicken or beef. You can also eat tomatoes.

Saturday: Eat as much beef and vegetables as you want.

Sunday: Brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juice (fresh squeezed if possible)

A quick glance at the menu reveals the biggest flaw in the diet. The problem with the cabbage soup diet recipe is that it lacks protein. During the first few days the dieter gets very little protein and some dieters often complain about feeling light headed from this, which could be dangerous.

As a whole the cabbage soup diet recipe might result in weight loss but much of it will probably be water and temporary. This does not mean that cabbage soup can not play a role in your weight loss goals and diet plans. Cabbage soup is low in fat and high in fiber so it is excellent for diets but you don’t need to eat it every day. Just be sure to get your protein and make it part of a more balanced program than the cabbage soup diet recipe plan.

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