Low Calorie Diet – Is it Safe to Lose Weight With the Low Calorie Diet?

So the doctor, or people around you are recommending the Low Calorie Diet. But what exactly does that mean? Put simply, it’s a diet that reduces the typical person’s daily calorie intake from about 2000 to around 900-1300. As unpleasant as it may sound, this is necessary to lose those unsightly pounds.

Calories are what help your body run throughout the day, calories are fuel to a person just as diesel is fuel to a car. When you eat fewer calories your body will burn off fat that has been stored in your body rather than burn the calories you have just eaten. This is what helps you lose weight when you stick to a low calorie diet.

You should pick up a good calorie counter that helps you determine what foods have what amounts of calories in them. Always check the packets of foods you are buying to see how many calories are listed. Also look at the fat content as well as the calories.

Keep in mind that lowering your calorie intake is just part of the equation. You should still strive to eat healthy foods as opposed to a low-calorie diet full of junk food. Also don’t starve yourself in an attempt to hurry your weight loss. Going too fast with the diet will likely only cause you to get sick, and will not help you keep the pounds off permanently.

So what should be part of a healthy diet? Three staples must always be present. We call these carbohydrates, proteins, and fats – and even as you lower your calorie your intake, you must keep these in a good balance. Let’s look at carbs, for instance. Since there are four calories in a gram of carbohydrates, a balanced meal will consist of about 60 percent carbs.

Proteins are equally important. These amino acids are a big part of keeping the body fit and strong. Since a gram contains four calories, make sure that your meal consists of about 15 percent proteins.

When you start a low calorie diet; it is essential you keep a diary of everything that you eat and how much you eat of it. Be honest as well, when you miss out a few biscuits or a few snacks here and there from your diary you are only cheating yourself.

Finally, just as important as your diet is beginning a regular exercise regimen. First, you need to consult a physician, and after getting his go-ahead, start slowly at first. Maybe you’ll begin with just walking or slow jogging. Add a little bit more to it each time. Perhaps eventually you could incorporate a gym-based program, where a trainer can help customize a plan just for you. Before you know it, you will no longer recognize the “you” you see in the mirror!

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