Read this Article if You Want to Be Skinny

Well not all of were born with genetics which guarantee that we will be skinny, additionally the eating habits of most Americans are really not so good and this can cause a problem if we expect to stay lean and trim. Many of us have tried all sorts of diets and we know that it is very tough to stay on a diet, much less find time with our busy and hectic schedules to work out. But we know that a proper diet and exercise is about the only way we are going to stay thin and for many of us; sure we would like to be skinny, but really that is a pipedream at best.

Many people worry about their weight, which is not so important and your muscle tone, because you must realize that muscle is more dense than fat and hence weighs much more. You may notice that a muscular person does not float very well in the pool like a fat person; who is basically their own flotation device? Well, that is great for bobbing up and down in the water all day, but really don’t you have better things to do?

The trick is to look good, feel good and have energy to burn. Being skinny and anorexic looking is not the most favorable, but being thing, tone and trim, well that is what you really want and you can have that if you will commit to eating right and exercising a little each day. Think on this.

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