South Beach Diet Meals

How are South Beach Diet meals different from other diets?

The South Beach Diet plan was started in Florida by Dr. Arthur Agatston who like Dr. Dean Ornish was looking for a diet that would benefit his heart patients. His book became a New York Times best seller and has become popular for those looking for diet solutions that work.

The Diet is divided into 3 phases and most South Beach Diet meals at the start are low carb. The diet rates carbs based on the Glycemic Index which is based on how fast they are broken down by the body. Carbs that are high on the Glycemic Index are broken down fast and cause a rapid release of insulin which is not good for weight loss. Conversely carbs that are low on the index like pasta break down slow and do not cause a rapid release in insulin.

Fats are also viewed in the same way with saturated fats being eliminated and monounsaturated fats like those that are found in olive oil allowed in moderation. Good fats are thought to play a key role in the bodies metabolism and to help lower the bodies LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol which is responsible for clogging arteries.

Like the Atkins diet meat is allowed but lean cuts are stressed and generally white meat should be consumed. Those starting on phase 1 will find the South Beach Diet meals very restrictive and bland as the choices are limited but as the diet progresses more and more options are available.

The South Beach Diet seems to borrow a little bit from different diets but is not quites the same as any of them. Its a little like Atkins, Ornish, and the Mediterranean but is based on Dr Agatston years of research. The South Beach Diet Plan has a solid track record and has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off.

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